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vito longo 

He enrolled at the School of Art in 1993 "Pino Pascali" in Bari, where he developed the passion for the art of sculpture and he refined the technique of descriptive geometry - at a later time it will be a basic element to understand the complexity of space - as well as the manufacturing techniques of the clay and wood. 

In 1998 he is interior designer and "maestro". He would like to thank to his theacher Franco Menolascina, special teacher and artist.

In the same year, he enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence and he became architect in 2006.

He feels sure of a project proposal when he makes and transforms his idea with sign,  calculation and architectural proportion such as to cause a new condition defined harmony, which is the principal ground for the well-being of humanity in a space. 

He is co-founder of QUi53 studio.

architect | project manager | co-founder


grazia longo

She's following in her father's footsteps about art, after the classical study, she enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture in Florence and she graduated in 2009.

During the years of study, she expanded her passion into painting and photography that will lead her to range from small to large scale of architecture. She developed a thesis in urban planning - architectural which recounted the evolution of a large area, from brownfield to green area and connection area between two portions of the city, carefully observing all the possible needs to be satisfied and apply them with satisfactory and realistic sharp. 

Later, she began a long internship at the Corporate Retail Store Planning Department Salvatore Ferragamo Italy, she worked as a project architect assistant. Immediately, she understood the essence of the brand, offering an excellent support for the development of all the aspects of the projects: from preliminary drawings to the development of final sets design of the new stores.

She continued to work in the retail design of the famous brands and, at the same time, she developes the theme of sustainable design. 

She is co-founder of QUi53 studio, where, thanks to the passion and architectural harmony found, she's realizing her project.

architect | project manager | co-founder


the office

QUi53studio is an architectural and interior design office with its headquarters inFlorence, co-founded by Vito Longo and Grazia Longo. 

Through an international and multidisciplinary design method, the office creates innovative projects, characterised by creativity, style and efficiency of the management.

QUi53 studio coordinates different design steps and aspires to develop and design a unique and exclusive concept for every space, listening to and meeting the needs of its client.


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